Nantong Haidi Chemicals Co., Ltd.
1,5-Naphthalene Diisocyanate(NDI)

Product name:

1,5-Naphthalene Diisocyanate(NDI)


Properties: white to light yellow flaky crystalline solid

Melting point: 126-127℃

Boiling point : 167℃(5×1.33kPa)

Density: 1.42-1.45g/cm3

Uses: intermediate



Molecular formula:


Structural formula:

Product description:

   1,5-Naphthalene Diisocyanate (NDI) is white or light yellow to grey white irregular flaky crystal. NDI is raw material for advanced polyurethane, it is used in producing high-elasticity and high-hardness polyurethane elastomers. NDI polyurethane elastomer has excellent performance, mechanical property, wear resistance, and temperature resistance. NDI polyurethane elastomer is widely used in shock absorber for automobile, bearing wheel for forklift, printing, dyeing, and textile rubber roll, bumper block for bridge construction, recreation and entertainment, military industry, and other fields.

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